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Tarot for Hallowe'en Energies - Jupiter in Scorpio

The season of witchcraft is upon us! October is one of my favourite months of the year for its moody weather and early Fall fashion statements. The energy is palpable, can you feel it? If you feel a sense of heightened awarness, grounded energy and straight up spookiness, your intuition may be connecting to the realm of mystery and magic represented by the Hallowe'en season. October certainly brings an eery atmosphere to my stomping grounds in Toronto, which always inspires my tarot reading practice.

The celebration of Hallowe’en has an interesting history. In old Celtic and Germanic cultures, All Hallow's Eve was originally considered the threshold between Summer and Winter and was also known as the Celtic New Year. As such, Hallowe’en night is said to be the one night of the year when the veil between the realms of earth and spirit is the thinnest. On this night, which was originally called Samhain (Sah-win), the spirit world is said to have enhanced access to the human world.

Historically, costumes at Hallowe'en parties came about as a means of disguise to prevent possession by spirits. Adorned in animal heads and skins, people would gather around large bonfires (to further fend off evil spirits) and read one anothers' fortunes on this magical night.

This year, the great benefic planet, Jupiter enters the mysterious and mystical sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is where the sun sits every year on Hallowe’en. I interpret this placement to indicate the development of depth in relationships, the exploration of situations, feelings and ideas beneath the surface, and a deeper understanding of our spiritual purpose will be bestowed upon us throughout this year-long transit.

In Tarot symbolism, Death Card is ruled by Scorpio. Not unlike death itself, the Death Card is the most feared and misunderstood energy in the Fool’s Journey. The Death Card asks us to brace ourselves for magnificent change. The old ways of seeing, knowing and being are coming to a close. This closure is necessary to welcome the incoming gifts that Jupiter promises. It is time to close one door and open another; to begin again, carrying forward the lessons learned in the summer season.

Jupiter brings expansion and benefit from external connections, and Scorpio calls us to focus inward and face our darkness and shadow aspects for healing and transformation. Together, this placement indicates a rich and challenging opportunity for knowing ourselves better and healing the aspects of ourselves that hold us back from loving ourselves and growing into our potential. To access Jupiter's gifts, we will be asked to face our abrasive characteristics, toxic ways of relating and destructive behaviours honestly.

We may feel pulled in different directions with this placement. The higher wisdom within the relationship between Jupiter and Scorpio tells us the best way to connect with the world is to come to terms with our fears, doubts, resentments and manipulations so we can heal them and stop projecting them onto our environments.

You can expect a tarot reading this Hallowe’en season to carry particular weight and significance to facilitate a deeper knowing of yourself and the deepest, sometimes darkest knowledge held in the depths of your subconscious. If you are brave enough to face your truth this Hallowe’en season, schedule a reading or host a Tarot party in Toronto!

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