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Understanding How Tarot Works

I get asked all the time: How can you read for someone over skype, or long distance without being face to face? Doesn’t the magic only work in person?

When I first started buying readings, I would always go in person, expecting that there was something special in the physical proximity to the reader and the cards that would make my reading more accurate. The truth is, in person readings are something special, but the magic of the cards transcends physical space.

It is wonderful to connect face to face, to create ritual space between two or more people. I love doing in-person readings and parties! But it isn’t the only way.

After reading Deepak Chopra’s You Are The Universe, I realized that my belief in the way energy connects reader and querent was rooted in a materialist view of the world.

Chopra et al. suggests that our assumption that the world is made up of material things reflects a capitalist paradigm wherein everything that exists can be tangibly acquired.

In reality, all matter is made up of energy.

Our thoughts and feelings produce energy and are constantly interacting energetically with the material world to create and manipulate it.

When seen through this lens, it stands to reason that a reader and querent do not need to be physically close for the cards to pick up on the focus between them. What is critical is the mutual focus. As a reader it is important that I focus on the energy of the querent’s question or problem.

Energy is everything. And language is a vital vehicle through which it travels. The energy in an e-mail or spoken over the phone is just as powerful as the energy generated in person.

Possibly the most important energy for a fruitful tarot session is the energy of belief. I always encourage clients to leave their preconceived notions of tarot and their skepticism at the door before receiving a reading. Bring it back later to scrutinize and analyze your reading, of course! But give yourself the gift of total immersion in the experience, and turn your critical eye toward what you may have invested in the position of the skeptic.

It is my current view that the energy of focus, belief and surrender to the flow of intuition is what makes a reading accurate and magical.

So if you want to try out Tarot, but are not ready to make the commitment of an in-person session, I would recommend ordering a Tarot Written Message. We can correspond over e-mail, and I will send your messages in a PDF you can keep and revisit as desired!