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Healing Through Tarot

Integrating Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or escapist behaviours?


Do you wish you felt more energetic, relaxed and enjoyed your life more, all without relying on condescending doctors, psychiatrists and an oppressive health care system?

I work with clients who want to make a change to feel better and find meaning in their lives.


I teach them how to take control of their healing  by embracing a new way of thinking about wellness through the use of Tarot, tenets of spiritual ideology focused on integration and connection, and therapeutic techniques to address the root cause of mental health and addictive behaviours.


Most people seek to address symptoms without acknowledging that their are real emotional factors, experiences and belief systems that must be confronted for healing to take place.

I've been there. It's been a long road of anti-depressants, substance abuse, counsellors with one eye on the clock, complicated and expensive naturopathic diets, and specialists with fancy titles but without answers.

Sure, any and all of these approaches CAN be helpful. But not without addressing the real issue: your relationship with yourself.


Your belief systems about yourself, the quality of your relationships and how experiences throughout your life have contributed to your current problems need to be identified, felt and intervened properly.

That's why I created a 3-step Method to release toxic behaviour patterns and belief systems that lead to depression, anxiety and the desire to escape, so you can feel better, love yourself more and find authentic fulfillment NOW.

I created the Healing Through Tarot process to combine spirituality and the intuitive arts with existing mental health and addictions recovery methodology in an online framework emphasizing education and self-determination.


I took healing into my own hands with 100% more effectiveness than any treatment promoted by an institutional health care system.


But it was an exhausting task even for a Mental Health and Addictions professional. I wouldn't wish my painful, isolating, and confusing journey to well-being on anyone.

I have broken down my healing process into 3 clear steps that will help you take control of your healing, feel better about yourself and connect deeply to your purpose.

You don't have to do it alone. You don't have to give away your power. And you don't have to spend all your time, money and energy to be invalidated by another doctor.


Are you ready to embrace a commitment to your self?


Really think about this question. This is the crux of effective holistic healing practices. What exists beneath your struggle to take care of yourself?


Deeply rooted issues of self-worth, purpose and insecure attachment are often the foundation of mental health and addiction challenges. Experiences ranging from low mood and energy to impulsive spending and substance abuse are all rooted in emotional issues.


Using Tarot as a healing modality embraces a combination of creativity, intuition, spirituality and psychological introspection to address aspects of the self that we have repressed, denied and neglected.


Most western healing practices do not acknowledge the integral correlative relationship between emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing. We tend to fixate on one or the other, with often short-lived recovery results.


Tarot was my first step on a recovery journey that has been perfectly meant to be. Spirituality through the use of tarot has developed my worldview and healing framework to affirm that my suffering has purpose while also acknowledging we are all here to honour our desires.

Tarot as a healing modality and tool for introspection enhanced my ability to be honest with myself, to acknowledge my feelings and their true roots, and develop a framework of thinking about myself and the world around me that incorporates spirit, mind, body and heart.


Mindfulness meditation and therapeutic exercises to build self-love and self-care practices as well as cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to intervene toxic behaviours and properly establish boundaries have been necessary components of my healing journey. But the glue that brought everything together was my ongoing tarot practice.


Developing a process that feels right for me has facilitated release and relief in many ways: release of physical muscle tension, release of psychological shadow aspects of the self, release of the self-enforced pressure to control everything, and release of a model of self-worth based on external validation (which contributed to codependent relationships, an eating disorder and depression).


My own healing journey felt like I was shooting in the dark, navigating a labyrinth of online sources, contradictory literature and trial and error.


This is why I have created my own process for mental, emotional and spiritual healing using Tarot. Drawing on my professional experience as a Mental Health Counsellor and my personal experience as a survivor of alcoholism, addiction, an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety, my hope is to provide all that I have learned in one concise, accessible online course.

I have designed a 6-week course in 3 steps to provide a thorough introduction to mental, emotional and spiritual healing for depression, anxiety and escapism through the use of Tarot.


Each step is designed to provide you with key concepts and  specific exercises aimed at integrating the body, spirit, mind and heart in a healing framework that will bring you closer to an experience of self-acceptance, deeper meaning and emotional well being.


The Tarotologist's Three Step Method

for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing Through Tarot








Learn new concepts, theories and an ideological framework to take your power back and become the expert on your healing

This module is a crash course in synchronicity, mind-body medicine, metaphysics and the symbolism and mythology of Tarot. We will explore how these concepts can be instrumental on your healing journey.

update: history of psychoanalysis and psychopathology from critical theory perspectives to illustrate context within which western medical model thrives by imposing oppressive standards of normativity, health and behaviour

Using knowledge and methods introduced in Step 1, you will conduct a thorough analysis of your personal history, style of relating and identity development.

This module includes reflective excercises, tarot spreads and meditations  designed to get to the root of your current struggles.

In Step 2, You will receive a tarot counselling session with The Tarotologist to initiate your introspection.


personal inventory and analysis of core wounds and what belief systems they rely on. Situating emotional injuries in interpersonal and systemic context to understand how trauma has affected you at various levels.

Equipped with a solid understanding of who you are and new tools and techniques for activating change, you will begin to intervene your thought patterns, re-frame your reality and manifest your truth.

This module uses CBT and DBT methodology combined with spiritual tenets to enhance your self-awareness, self-discipline and spiritual connection to up-level your life!


Writing a new story about who you are from a critical, psychospiritual perspective. Drawing cards to support this manifestation work, and using metaphysical theories to further break down the limiting ideological structures around your understanding of reality.

Sign Up Now and Save Big!


I am offering a Pre-Enrollment Special until March 15, 2019 at 4pm EST. The Spring Session starts May 1st.


The course is available online so you can navigate it at your own pace. Live Tarot sessions in Step 2 will take place over Video Chat. The Tarotologist will reach out to schedule a time that works for you.


Tarot facilitates an intuitive practice whose greatest power is the ability to show you the truth you have been afraid to see about your self and your life.

What is Your Subconscious Trying to Tell You?

Start Listening and Get Ready to Integrate Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart so you can Heal for Real!

Healing Through Tarot

Integrating Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart

Spring Session Begins May 1, 2019

Pre-Enrollment on NOW until March 15

Spaces are Limited - reserve today!

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