Tarot Readings

30 min. Video Readings $65

60 min. Video Readings $130

30 minutes $75

60 minutes $150

As your tarot reader, I am here to facilitate your process of introspection, reflecting back to you the messages of each card for discussion and contemplation. 

I will walk you through the meanings of each card, how they speak together with the meaning of the positions in the Traditional Celtic-Cross Spread and your area of focus (Love, Career, Life Purpose, Health etc.).


The Traditional Celtic Cross is a 10-card spread designed to narrow in on the energy of your current focus/situation, the events leading up to your current situation, and the direction in which you are heading.


This spread also explores your hopes and fears, your inner strengths and resources, psycho-spiritual strategies to help you move through your current challenges, and the opportunities that await you.


It is a comprehensive look at where you are at, what your options are, and guidance to work within your current circumstance.

I believe that the tarot cards show you what you need to see when you need to see it. They are a reflection of the energy you bring to the reading, and will show you how best to align with your purpose.

There are endless possibilities for custom tarot spreads if you are interested in moving beyond the Celtic Cross. Contact me for more information about my offerings!

Written Summary of Messages

$50 with any live session

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