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Kimberly M.

"My experience with Hilary was incredible and absolutely worthwhile. The detail in Hilary's readings really allows you to connect to what is being shared - and her genuine, kind presence offers a space for you to feel really comfortable and open to discuss your personal feelings on the reading. She was just absolutely amazing and I truly recommend her to anyone interested or thinking of Tarot readings.

Tarot Readings

As your Tarot Reader, I am here to facilitate your process of introspection, reflecting the messages of each card back to you for discussion and contemplation. 

I will walk you through the meanings of each card, how they speak together with the meaning of the positions in the Traditional Celtic-Cross Spread and your area of focus (Love, Career, Life Purpose, Health etc.).


The Traditional Celtic Cross is a 10-card spread designed to narrow in on the energy of your current focus/situation, the events leading up to your current situation, and the direction in which you are heading.


This spread also explores your hopes and fears, your inner strengths and resources, psycho-spiritual frameworks to help you move through your current challenges, and the opportunities that await you.


It is a comprehensive look at where you are at and what your options are as you work with the energy of your current circumstance.

I believe that the tarot cards show you what you need to see when you need to see it. They are a reflection of the energy you bring to the reading, and will show you yourself on a deeper level.

There are endless possibilities for custom tarot spreads if you are interested in moving beyond the Celtic Cross. Contact me for more information about my offerings!

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