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Mary M.

Thank you for the reading.  It was absolutely relevant to me and to my experience.  I'm really grateful, and I have so much work to continue with now.  You are undeniably fabulous. I’m sending you a huge virtual hug for sharing your insights with me!" - Feature
Awesome Entertainment Ideas to Take Your Event to the Next Level

Whether you’re popping champagne for a wedding or playing peek-a-boo at baby showers, tarot readings offer a sprinkle of magic, sealing old tales and starting new ones. For Hilary, The Tarotologist, it’s not just readings; it’s an experience!

WIRED - Interview
Generative AI Has Ushered In the Next Phase of Digital Spirituality

I was interviewed for this article about AI and spirituality, adding my two cents on the intersection of science and spiritual discourses.

"Emotional truth is not the same as empirical truth, but it has validity and utility for the purpose of self-development, emotional regulation and maintaining your mental health. I hope that these postmodern times will make way for more nuance, compassion and understanding in conversations about how we know what we know."




Live Grounded with Mary Blackmon - Interview
Meet The Tarotologist

Mary Blackmon, Founder of Farm to Wellness Retreats, interviewed me for her monthly blog feature, asking about my unique approach to tarot
, how I discovered the cards, and who benefits from psycho-spiritual tarot readings.

"Spiritual or spiritually curious, sensitive and intelligent women are drawn to this practice because it is an analytical and interpretive technique that validates one's emotional experiences. I work with a lot of successful, smart and ambitious women who are leaders in their communities, companies and organizations, and who are exploring their spirituality in light of a realization that despite their success, they are still feeling emotionally unfulfilled, struggling with addictive tendencies, co-dependent relationships and emotional instability. These are women who have used their intelligence to get where they are today, but who may also struggle with over-thinking or anxiety because they are so cerebral."


Go Solo Entrepreneur - Interview
Explore What's in the Cards for You! The Tarotologist

I was delighted to be interviewed for this series on entrepreneurs for Subkit's Go Solo
campaign. You can check out my subkit subscription services here.

"I have the privilege of working with high-achieving, powerful leaders and change-makers who are dedicated to their personal well-being because they recognize how it influences every aspect of their lives and the lives of those around them. I measure my success by the feeling I get when clients walk away from a reading feeling relaxed, empowered, and in love with themselves."


Well + Good - December 2022 - Interview
Wellness Travel Shoots for the Moon and Lands Among the Stars

Erica Sloan interviewed me for this piece about why tarot and astrology services are trending in the wellness tourism industry.

"Spiritual modalities, like astrology and tarot, at wellness retreats appear to be the contemporary evolution of the spiritual pilgrimage, offering the possibility of enlightenment far from home,” says Thurston. “Traveling to discover the self is nothing new, but the recent urgency around this pursuit is manifesting in expansive and innovative offerings.”


Indigo x The Tarotologist - Interview
Instagram Live: "March Break for Adults"

In this live session, Joanna and I talked about setting intentions for the New Moon, dealing with stress and anxiety, and how the Tarot cards work with the intuition. We pulled some cards and answered questions from the audience. I love connecting with other inquiring minds. Thanks to everyone who attended and submitted questions!

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Rebelle Zine - Article
A Critical Approach to Manifestation

In this article I wrote for Rebelle Zine, I propose to re-frame manifestation as an act of resistance that requires a confrontation with the affective byproducts of systemic trauma, and a persistent committment to our well-being in the face of forces that serve to undermine it.

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