How Does Tarot Work?

Tarot cards date back to the 1500s. Their origin is hotly debated and remains a mystery. The language of the cards operates through ancient symbols and archetypes whose meanings have been imprinted on our collective unconscious throughout human evolution.


Sometimes the concepts our subconscious mind highlights are not what we would expect, nor what we would want to see. It is in one’s best interest to remain open, grounded in reality and emotionally honest to enhance the experience of receiving a reading.

My perspective on how the tarot cards work is always evolving. I believe the cards show us exactly what we need to see, when we need to see it.


The energy we put in to a spread is reflected in the cards that turn up, and we may resonate with certain symbols and imagery based on our current emotional disposition and situation.


The tarot cards are effective as a medium for messages because they bring deeply rooted soul knowledge from our personal subconscious and collective unconscious minds to the surface so we can use it to our benefit.


My understanding of tarot symbolism is informed by a Jungian approach to the concepts of synchronicity and archetypal symbolism. Underlying this approach is the understanding that everything is connected energetically and humans have shared experiences of emotion, thought, desire and intuition.

What can I expect in a reading?
Does tarot predict the future?

Tarot is magic. It is an ancient mysterious craft which continues to perplex and intrigue me as a tarot reader. That said, I use tarot as a tool that facilitates introspection to inform the decisions we make in our lives.


It is important to feel empowered through the use of tarot, rather than feeling like you are fate’s puppet. When we know ourselves, work to heighten our emotional awareness and feel empowered, we make better decisions and take better care of ourselves.

Tarot does not hold back and will tell you where you are headed given your current circumstances, attitudes and actions. Any future position in a tarot spread will reveal the direction in which you are headed, but whether or not you choose to pursue this outcome is entirely on your shoulders.


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