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Hi, I'm Hilary.

I have over ten years of experience reading tarot cards and seven years of experience providing mental health and addictions support services. My work as a Counsellor has developed my specialization in navigating recovery through trauma-informed and anti-oppression frameworks.


I am passionate about mental health, addiction recovery, self-care and self-love, and I believe in the healing power of spirituality.

A tarot reading is an opportunity to touch base with your subconscious desires, concerns and ambitions to bring clarity and offer guidance to your current situation.


I use the tarot cards as a healing modality and a framework to guide each counselling session. Tarot is a useful tool to help combat issues that reside at the root of most of our human afflictions: self-worth and insecure attachment.

Whether you are looking for support on a healing journey, hosting a magic soiree, or just curious to see what tarot is all about, I would be honoured to explore what's in the cards for you!

Photos by SunLit Photography: @sunlit.thurston on Instagram

Hilary Thurston, MA, BAH, RSSW, PhD Candidate

Tarot Counsellor

Toronto, ON

3 Card Readings $40

6 Card Readings $65

30 minutes $50

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $150


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