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Want access to the knowledge of an internationally recognized expert in psycho-spiritual mental health for a fraction of the cost of therapy?


You’ve found the ultimate mental health hack.


Photos by SunLit Photography: @sunlit.thurston on Instagram

Hi, I'm Hilary.

I have over 12 years of experience reading tarot cards and 9 years of experience providing mental health and addictions support services.


My work as a Mental Health Counsellor has developed my specialization in navigating mental and emotional wellness through trauma-informed and anti-oppression frameworks.


I am passionate about mental health, addiction recovery, self-care and self-love, and I believe in the healing power of spirituality.

A tarot reading is an opportunity to bring light to unconscious desires, concerns and ambitions to clarify and offer guidance to your current situation.


I use the tarot cards as a psycho-spiritual therapeutic modality to help combat issues related to low self-worth, self-sabotage, insecure attachment and intuitive blocks.

Whether you are looking for support on a healing journey, hosting a party or event, or just curious to learn about the power of tarot, I would be honoured to explore what's in the cards for you!

Hilary Thurston
PhD Candidate, MA, RSSW
Tarot Reader. Counsellor. Educator.
Toronto, ON

30 minutes: $75

45 minutes: $125

30 minutes: $111

60 minutes: $222


I had a reading done by Hilary at the Big on Bloor festival last year and it was life-altering. I remember there was a big gust of wind right when she was doing the reading and it punctuated the session. I was doing some soul-searching about work and the reading helped me make some exciting changes.


Max Y.

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