The Energy of Belief - How Does Tarot Work?

I believe that intention is a necessary element in the formula for making magic. I have been noticing this in my tarot readings as of late – there can be no magic/meaningful outcome without an intentional practitioner or querent. I have always noted that the most effective readings happen when the querent is open and receptive to their messages. I used to think this was simply due to different approaches to the cards – what you put into a reading, you get out. As I tune into the wisdom of Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos in their book, “You Are The Universe”, I am beginning to understand the cards through new eyes. (There are some great interviews on YouTube as well!) In the book, they write

How I Started Reading Tarot and Believing in Magic

Tarot marked the beginning of my spiritual path. I have always been interested in magic and mystery, and I was attracted to Tarot because I was learning about spiritual practices, women’s rituals and paganism in an undergraduate Gender Studies course. I was looking for a magic formula to solve my problems and give me the answers I needed to move forward in my life after a difficult break up. Witchcraft may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering healing and problem solving modalities. Many would initially consider psychotherapy, medication, consulting a good friend, a new health regimen, or even substance use before entertaining the notion that a deck of tarot cards could

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