Lilith in Cancer - Endometriosis and Denial of the Feminine

I was diagnosed with endometriosis this year. After years of physical and emotional pain I now understand that my hormones have been to blame for this. My body inherited the disease from my maternal grandmother. I have thought a lot about what factors contribute, biologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I believe there isn't one angle from which to fully understand this thing. I have thought about intergenerational trauma and intergenderational trauma, if you will. The latter is a term I have coined to speak of the trauma that connects women and femmes via a femme collective unconscious; a web of meaning and socio-cultural language that binds all feminine experience. If my body c

The Hermit - Embracing Solitude and Introspection

Today I am feeling the energy of the hermit. The clouds are dark and daunting, the sky threatens rain. I feel my energy is low, steady and calm. There is a sense of depression that has creeped in, thoughts of loneliness make my eyes sting. This is when I need to go inward. The hermit comes to mind, as the cloaked figure seeks to light her path through the dim glow of what is in her heart; her passion, wisdom, knowledge or creativity. There does not seem to be enough of this energy to light the dark landscape. I know it is important to do some emotional cleansing; journaling, counselling or a reflective spread. But I am resistant to take this effort toward caring for myself, as is often the c

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