The Devil – Unhealthy Attachments, Toxic Relationships and Weak Boundaries

This week during a reading, the Devil card appeared in all of its daunting glory. This can be an intimidating card visually, and sometimes its deeper meanings go unexplored. It got me thinking about my own Devil energies and the ways in which the meaning of the Devil card can appear in our lives quite unbeknownst to our conscious attention. The keywords of the devil are: attachment, addiction, unhealthy habits and vices. The Major Arcana counterpart to the Devil is the Lovers. When read juxtaposed, these cards issue a warning about difficulty in relationships, co-dependency, jealousy and possessiveness. The Devil brings to light the areas in life and in self that are utilized as distractions

Solar Eclipse in Leo -"Don't Look Directly at the Sun!"

I’ve spent a lot of time reading and listening to astrologers, intuitives and other spiritual voices about what the solar eclipse means for our world this week and in the months to come. What I understand from my research and my own intuitive tarot sessions is that we are at the precipice of a slippery slope, ideologically speaking. Hopeful analysts of the sky project that we are entering an emotionally honest time of personal empowerment and social progress. A more pessimistic approach warns that karma is being served. In any case, we are facing a time of eruption, dynamism and of purging what is no longer useful to our earthly adventures. The outcomes we project for our lives (whether we h

Tarot Cards that Jump - Mystery and Magic

The best part about reading tarot has to be the jumper cards. Jumpers are cards that fling out of the stack as you are shuffling, as though pulled by an invisible force. Some readers disregard them, while others consider them to be especially significant. In my experience, cards that jump are responding to the energy generated by your thoughts and feelings as you are shuffling. Everything we think, feel and do carries energy, which I believe connects us to like energies in our environments. Tarot cards hold the energy of the archetypal symbolism imprinted upon them. This is how I understand jumper cards. The environment you create energetically attracts them. Last night I was reading at a ba

Three of Cups: Tarot Parties for Celebration and Connection

The three of cups is one of my very favourite cards. I love the dancing figures, their dresses flowing in the spirit of celebration and sisterhood. This is a minor arcana card, meaning it carries an energy that may be less intense or psychologically impactful than a major arcana energy. Nonetheless, this card speaks to the sweetness of everyday connections, friendships and fun. Three of cups points to any party, but particularly to opportunities to gather and celebrate with friends in ways that afford us the opportunity to connect emotionally. The suit of cups is all about emotions. They are associated with the element of water and the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cups b

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