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The Hermit - Embracing Solitude and Introspection

Hermit card conjures solitude and the power of introspection. Photo by SunLit Photography @sunlit.thurston on Instagram

Today I am feeling the energy of the hermit. The clouds are dark and daunting, the sky threatens rain. I feel my energy is low, steady and calm. There is a sense of depression that has creeped in, thoughts of loneliness make my eyes sting. This is when I need to go inward.

The hermit comes to mind, as the cloaked figure seeks to light her path through the dim glow of what is in her heart; her passion, wisdom, knowledge or creativity. There does not seem to be enough of this energy to light the dark landscape.

I know it is important to do some emotional cleansing; journaling, counselling or a reflective spread. But I am resistant to take this effort toward caring for myself, as is often the case. We spend much time and effort connecting to others, making space for others, providing emotional labour for others. As a result, downtime is often spent dulling out rather than focusing on what the inner self needs.

My healing work can feel lonely, scary and sad. It is an act of strength and self preservation to sit down with myself and reflect. Today I feel trapped by my current career obligations. My energy is zapped and I don’t feel like I have the strength to pull myself out of the soul sucking drudgery that is my 9-5. I am the hermit, looking at the dull glow of my heart’s lantern, wondering if it has the strength to pull me through the night and the challenges that will arise on my journey to sunrise.

photo by SunLit Photography @sunlit.thurston on Instagram. hermit card asks us to seek guidance from the light within.

The hermit conjures thoughtfulness, the realm of the intellect, self-directed study and solitude. When you see the hermit in a spread, it is time to explore your inner world to light the dark parts of your emotional experience. The hermit embraces isolation to discover deep-seated, unacknowledged ideas, facts, feelings, connections and associations that will help you to move forward on your soul journey. The lantern glows in stark contrast to the darkness of the rest of this card, indicating that you cannot be lost in this process of going inward. The light within you will guide you on the right path. When you focus on the thing that you love, what gives you vitality and passion, you are on the right track to understanding why you are here and what is your purpose.

Take your time to get to know yourself, and don’t be afraid to confront the darkness within. The most transformative healing work occurs when we are able to confront our own realities and embrace the vulnerable experience of emotional honesty.

Photos by SunLit Photography @sunlit.thurston on Instagram.

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