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Three of Cups: Tarot Parties for Celebration and Connection

The three of cups is one of my very favourite cards. I love the dancing figures, their dresses flowing in the spirit of celebration and sisterhood. This is a minor arcana card, meaning it carries an energy that may be less intense or psychologically impactful than a major arcana energy. Nonetheless, this card speaks to the sweetness of everyday connections, friendships and fun.

three of cups, Mucha Tarot deck - Celebration and Emotional Connection

Three of cups points to any party, but particularly to opportunities to gather and celebrate with friends in ways that afford us the opportunity to connect emotionally. The suit of cups is all about emotions. They are associated with the element of water and the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Cups bring to awareness the ways in which emotions impact our experiences, relationships and the direction of our soul's path. The number three in numerology represents communication, optimism, sociability and creativity. The three of cups card therefore represents celebrations and bonding with friends and loved ones, solidifying connections and building bonds through expressions of joy, dancing and laughter.

I hired a tarot reader for my best friend’s bachelorette party a couple of summers back. The tarot reader gave each attendee a personal Celtic Cross Reading. I loved the experience; the mystery, the magic, the opportunity to connect with my friends about their future outcome projections and hypothesize about how the cards could KNOW that??! I had read cards for years at this point, but hadn’t thought about making it a professional endeavour. This experience stirred in me a desire to facilitate my own magical soirees.

I started bringing my cards to gatherings of friends for solstice and equinox rituals, and a new kind of reading format developed. These readings have been more collaborative in my experience. Each attendee pulls a set number of cards that will speak to their goals and challenges for the coming season. Everyone gets a chance to explore how the cards relate to their experience, as the rest of the group makes space for this exploration.

Tarot cards are a conduit for self-discovery and healing. Often it can feel like this is solitary work, but connecting with trusted friends and loved ones is a significant part of emotional and spiritual development. The ritual format of this approach embeds supportive boundaries within the healing circle. As a group, attendees emotionally connect through sharing and bearing witness to one another’s process without the expectation of providing advice or solving one another's problems.

I am always experimenting with new group reading formats. Some occasions call for one on one readings, and others are more collaborative. I love customizing the experience of receiving a tarot reading. If you are interested in having tarot readings at your next event, contact me to discuss the possibilities!

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