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Tarot Cards that Jump - Mystery and Magic

The best part about reading tarot has to be the jumper cards. Jumpers are cards that fling out of the stack as you are shuffling, as though pulled by an invisible force. Some readers disregard them, while others consider them to be especially significant.

In my experience, cards that jump are responding to the energy generated by your thoughts and feelings as you are shuffling. Everything we think, feel and do carries energy, which I believe connects us to like energies in our environments. Tarot cards hold the energy of the archetypal symbolism imprinted upon them. This is how I understand jumper cards. The environment you create energetically attracts them.

Last night I was reading at a bachelorette party. I brought out my cards and started shuffling while I explained my approach to tarot and which spreads I would read. Within a couple of shuffles, a card flew out of the deck and landed in the middle of the table. It was none other than the Three of Cups. The energy in the room was exactly that of the Three of Cups: women connecting and celebrating. It is the ultimate bachelorette party card. (See my last blog post for more on this card.)

bachelorette tarot party, three of cups energy

As the readings got underway, the attendees chatted, sharing stories and laughter. Everyone got a chance to explore the themes in their lives that were meaningful to them and to reflect on their current circumstances. After each reading, the group talked about which cards they got and what they meant. The spirit of connection and supportive friendship was palpable.

This spirit of connection the tarot cards facilitate is, for me, the most magical part of a reading. It is ultimately a mystery how they work, but it is very clear how powerful they are as a tool for introspection and exploration of what is important to us as human beings on a spiritual journey.

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