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Solar Eclipse in Leo -"Don't Look Directly at the Sun!"

Solar Eclipse in Leo - Don't Look Directly at the Sun! The sky guides us toward a process of emotional healing.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading and listening to astrologers, intuitives and other spiritual voices about what the solar eclipse means for our world this week and in the months to come. What I understand from my research and my own intuitive tarot sessions is that we are at the precipice of a slippery slope, ideologically speaking.

Hopeful analysts of the sky project that we are entering an emotionally honest time of personal empowerment and social progress. A more pessimistic approach warns that karma is being served. In any case, we are facing a time of eruption, dynamism and of purging what is no longer useful to our earthly adventures. The outcomes we project for our lives (whether we hope for them or fear them) are actively making room for themselves in our environments, in our perspectives and in our hearts. It is up to each individual to utilize this energy to support the manifestation of their dreams or see the realization of their fears.

Any eclipse removes something from your life, whether that is a relationship, a perspective, a lifestyle or a routine. What stands out for me about a solar eclipse is the symbolism of a seemingly mundane old adage (that I have heard more than a handful of times today!): don’t look directly at the sun!!

The sun lights our daily landscapes, shows us the way on the physical plane. The moon symbolizes the eternal feminine, the dream world, the symbolic landscape of emotion. The moon governs the tide, the deep waters that reach for our shores. Underlying this wise advice to avoid eye contact with the sun, is a more profound suggestion to focus less on practical, tangible and physical functions governing our lives, in lieu of a more inward, emotional focus. This eclipse calls for self work, for acknowledging the ways in which our feelings influence our thoughts, actions, belief systems, value systems, goals, etc. The time is now to stop avoiding who you really are and how you really feel.

There is no model of logic or rationality that can save you now. What gives us strength in times of change, loss and transition is truly a solid understanding of who we are and that comes from emotional awareness. There is no other way to understand yourself, but to be present with the themes in your life that make you feel.

I believe we are ushering in a time of greater emotional awareness and more widespread respect for the faculty of emotions than life on Earth has ever witnessed before. It is time to combine thought and feeling, and to honour the reality that they are more intricately linked than we would like to believe.

What are your goals for emotional healing? What have you been repressing, where does your inner child need your attention?

Leo encourages us to see the collective value in individual expression. We are being called to find ourselves and share our beauty with the world, with the spiritual knowledge that what we produce from a place of heart and self-pride has value to the social fabric connecting us all.

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